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Thank you for donating on our Ko-Fi donation page to Tek Tock Toons. Only people who donate are allowed to join Neville's Gang - the exclusive Neville fan club.

You will be emailed a lovely certificate which you can print out, write your name on, and then display prominently in your downstairs lavatory, garden shed, or pinned to the back of a loved one as they go about their day-to-day business.

Neville will also provide you with a top secret phrase which you can use when you greet other fan club members.

You will also receive an occasional email from Neville himself (which you can unsubscribe from at any time if you grow tired of his jabbering).

To register your fan club membership, simply fill out the form on this page with your details. As you will see, we ask that you let us know when, and how much, you donated. This is simply so we can see you are a genuine donor; and to stop ne'er-do-wells and incorrigible rogues from trying to join the fan club when they haven't given a dime.

Your humble servants, Tek and Tock.

Join the fan club

Thank you for joining Neville's Gang

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